Total solar energy enthusiasts and professionals at this community: 3756

Karan Sharma

City: Bangalore

Rohan Dick

Profile: LED Light & Solar Design Engineer at Lumi9ce LED Sol, Aurangabad.\n
City: Aurangabad
Points: 6


Profile: i am Electronics & Communication engg. and from my best knowledge and interest i develop my SECT Mechatronics company and i work from 2 year in this fild. \nwe ware developed our own security system product, ceiling fan product, mini CNC machine product. and now we are researching and developing on our product by using new generation technology fro compactness, for improving quality and for making less cost at better result.\nand last but no least and also most most important i very very interest in solar technology, till the time i only gating knowledge related to solar energy technology. \nafter my satisfaction related to gating knowledge about it i start work on solar technology and related innovative product.\nthank you

Dr.Lakshmanan T

Profile: professor
Points: 1

JB Padhi

Profile: Electrical & Communication engineer with 25 years of experience in various capacities & places. Worked operations, marketing, maintenance, projects, estate management.
City: Bargarh
Points: 29


Profile: student
City: Vellore


City: Hyderabad
Points: 1

Punit Kawadkar

Profile: B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
City: Nagpur
Points: 1


City: Alhafoufe


City: SaraHell


City: Hyderabad

P Selvaraj

Profile: Technical Sourcing - Auto Mobile Industry
City: Chengalpattu
Points: 1


City: Vadodara


Profile: Engineer with over 25 years experience in RE
City: Nairobi
Points: 1


Profile: Entrepreneur
City: Bangalore
Points: 1


City: Hyderabad

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